Day 2

So I started the day by creating a new account again, would love if they allowed for like 24–48 hours of “regret time” where if I buy a property I would be able to roll it back, but if I bought UPX still keep that transaction, it would give newcomers like me that makes irreversible mistakes day 1, to kinda redeem ourselves.

None the less new account Dulleo which I started to buy 50k UPX on, and yes I used the referral link to my first account and got 75k in total, then I started buying up in Bakersfield, I ended up completing 7 collections which gave me the #6 place of the day for most completed collections.

Then I travelled to San Francisco and hoped to find a cheap FSA property but those were all sold out so I ended up buying the cheapest mission district property for around 35k where the rest was for sale at 45k so I thought at least I should be able to make some dough.

I discovered that properties have a 5% cost for buying and selling which means that you need to sell the property at, at least ~110.53% of the original buying price to break even.

None the less I journeyed out of San Fran to Oakland where a: Grand Avenue Collection property was available unlocked but not bought by anyone or so I thought it was probably being secure and was stuck doing this for hours since I was pretty heavy on getting that property since it would really boost my game.

This about here I stop for the day since I'm out of great buying options and the evening I slowly turning to night mode.

A few thoughts I would love if the game had another aspect to it that I could keep doing like a grind to get more dough in the game since buying to win is not really a lasting experience, none the less I’m in love with the game so far, but I could imagine that if I was unable to buy my success in the game it wouldn’t really be something I would spend time on. I would love it if the Upland guys could think about this because it would give more value to both players without money but also players with money would be able to earn more of the people without.

Cheers have a great one




Software developer, personal interests is golf, blockchain tech and property investments 🎉🙌

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Software developer, personal interests is golf, blockchain tech and property investments 🎉🙌

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